Alexis Allen

Horse Riding


Alexis Allen is a 24-year old North Carolinian, although she was born in Orange County, California. She considers herself a southerner on both coasts! Alexis grew up riding horses, and continued to ride while she moved from State to State and even to Germany while her father served in the Special Forces as a Green Beret for the Army.


Alexis has over 19 years experience as an experienced equestrian and an avid rider. She has managed two barns, groomed for an upper-level eventer who is an international 4-star competitor, worked with the Olympic Training Team, held first place for Adult Amateurs and for Novice level Combined Training on the East Coast in 2008, and has owned and boarded her own horses throughout her early years. She has experienced horse life on every side: as a boarder, a groom, a stable hand, a manager and trainer.


Alexis specializes in jumping, but uses dressage on a daily basis. She believes that horses who are more truly balanced, supple, and strong throughout their bodies can use themselves more completely and reach their full potential over jumps.


Alexis has been successful along the East coast, but strives to take “the next step”, driven to compete to become recognized as a champion of International status and focused toward the Olympic level.